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The ORCA THERAPIES ship has launched and her flag is flying high (quite literally!) as we opened our doors to the public for the first time over the Queens Jubilee weekend and during our Ulverston towns colourful flag festival...

Customers entered the shop with smiles and each commented on how classy the look and feel of the place now is. Such a great response for us to see and hear as we had been delicate with our approach to the style of the decor, keeping in mind the history of the building and it's listed status. 

With Emerald forest green as the main backdrop it compliments the original features such the the fabled counter in our reception and new life has been given the untouched fire places throughout which give a real sense of history. 

Thank you to all for the support and recognition, it really helps us to strive for that enhanced experience for our guests. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Love and best wishes, Tara & Team Orca 

In our next log, we'll  be talking 'All about Organic' and our award winning skincare and make-up ranges from the worlds most highly certified beauty brand  - INIKA ORGANIC